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If your business operates in the health sector or you have an idea for a new product or service, FWD can provide valuable insights and expertise to help you take advantage of innovative new practices
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5 weeks

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Who should apply to FWD?

We welcome applications from organisations operating in the health and wellbeing sectors, that are an SME, an individual entrepreneur with a registered business, Sole Trader, Partnership Organisation, Limited Company (Ltd) or Community Interest Company (CIC, CIO).
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members are saying

Gary Pratt

“The Investment support we received through FWD was brilliant, I had the opportunity to attend Investment Futures 24. EarSwitch are currently building interest for a our Series A funding round, and it fantastic to raise our profile within the Investor network.”

Tony Smith

“The format is good especially with the feedback. I work generally in my own bubble, and so it’s good to get advice, especially from a different angle.”

Alice Appleton, Clera Healthcare Ltd

“Fantastic course, really valuable and well timed – good length etc.”

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