Prepare yourself and your business to be future ready in a rapidly changing world with the tools, resources, and resilience needed for growth.
FWD offers a range of support for start-ups and SMEs in the West of England. Get your business model in shape for growth, through our dedicated support and expertise.

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The FWD Makespace Lab enables businesses to experiment with emerging technologies risk-free, bridging the gap between ideation and innovation. We empower leaders to implement technology for sustained competitive advantage.

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How FWD works
with employers

Specialist support designed to help you 
take your health business forward
Access to an online community and network
Understanding how and when you need 
investment or funding

The benefits of
joining FWD

Designed with you in mind
Grow your business and own career faster
Work with expert researchers, mentors 
and fellow business founders
Access to local skilled talent / Priority to 
skilled talent

Local businesses who
support FWD

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Hear what our FWD
members are saying

Gary Pratt

“The Investment support we received through FWD was brilliant, I had the opportunity to attend Investment Futures 24. EarSwitch are currently building interest for a our Series A funding round, and it fantastic to raise our profile within the Investor network.”

Tony Smith

“The format is good especially with the feedback. I work generally in my own bubble, and so it’s good to get advice, especially from a different angle.”

Alice Appleton, Clera Healthcare Ltd

“Fantastic course, really valuable and well timed – good length etc.”

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